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When console tables first became popular, it was not uncommon for people to use them as a hall table or side table or attach them directly to a wall and consider them as a shelf with table legs in the front. Sure console tables can be those things but it’s generally not an end table. Others use it as a sofa, or a coffee table or accent table but it’s not a dining room tables. These tables were traditionally paired with mirrors and sconces. Now they come in so many different styles, colors, sizes, shapes and materials to satisfy any design preferences.

The point is console tables have evolved from their initial purpose, which was essentially a small fancy table with a mirror in a spot in the bedroom where you could do and store your makeup.


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While people have different uses for console tables today, one function that has often been under looked is the storage capabilities. You see despite modern design iterations that focus more on aesthetics rather than function, most console tables come with inbuilt storage bins.

Since people like to collect things the real trick, though, maybe finding where to put all that stuff. Instead of piling things here and there, on the chair or putting more things on an existing coffee or accent table, consider adding console tables to your home. Console tables sit beautifully against a wall to add additional display space and storage room without adding a cluttered appearance to the living area.

Come to think of it, despite the amount of space we have in the house, we always seem to run out of spaces to put stuff. I sometimes wonder how my garage became half full in such a short period of time. Which got me thinking of ways to effectively manage space and where to store the itsy bitsy things that you take for granted but eat up space like crazy.


Console Tables UK


Of course, you might be thinking you could just get an accent table or an end table to do the trick, but that will work if you only have a little bit of stuff to put away. Console tables are quite a bit larger than accent tables or end tables, and will obviously offer a lot more storage space that will help you keep your home looking clean and organized.

You could spread them throughout the house to offer a number of storage options. For instance, you could place one console table in the entryway, as a place to store away your keys, the mail, or other small items you regularly carry in and out of the house. This would be a great place for a more ornate console table. It could have one drawer to put those little items out of the way, but the rest could be a beautiful piece of handcrafted wood or wrought iron that will wow visitors as soon as they step into the house.

However, before you go console table shopping, you have to determine your storage needs.

Written by Kyron Michael — January 10, 2019

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